kier was recently a participant in "danskPop talent"
on the danish tv channel dk4.

kier was nominated as "Performer of the year" by cph culture for his participation in the big "gas gallashow" at østre gasværk, copenhagen.



He left the comfort of cozy copenhagen because he wanted to learn more about himself and the world. in the process, he was both seduced and let down. but he got up again. today, the stubborn dane pushes out colorful electro-soul from an old hollywood hotel.


On his latest album Pendulum, electro-soul artist Kier sings about swinging between life's extremes. Kier (Morten Kjær) is the fifth-born child of a traditional Danish family, son of a theology professor and schoolteacher. Right off the bat, Kier proved to be quite different from the other kids in his hometown of Rønde. At 10 years old, he began writing songs about war, pollution, alcoholism, fear, and longing. At 17, he was accepted to the Royal Academy of Music in Aarhus, Denmark where he earned a Master's degree in vocal performance.

From 1997-2004, Kier fronted the Danish a cappella group, Basix. The band achieved overnight success, releasing their debut album The Grass which went platinum. In 2004 Kier left the group to focus on his solo music, and he relocated to Los Angeles in 2010 to write and produce full-time.

Pendulum is Kier’s second full-length release in the US. Created with Danish-American retro-soul artist Gabby Gordon, Christopher Given Harrison (ARORA, formerly SONOS), Tue Sander and Lars Rønne (Robeat Boys), Kier’s latest collection of songs cover life's extremities - pain and joy, togetherness and loneliness. Kier and friends skillfully blend the sounds of his melancholy, childhood piano ballads with upbeat, electronic elements.







kier will be touring with ebb & flow twice in 2018.

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/ music video directed by phil grishayev. 2nd official video from the "pendulum" album (2015).

/ music video directed by kristian skårhøj feat. painter tina hau.

live performance of "run run run" on the tv show "dance moms".

/ one of 6 artist collaborations in the "at home with kier" series.

music short directed by nathaniel siri.

one of 9 listeners' choices in the "kier favorites" series.

/ live performance with ebb & flow in lund, sweden.