May 28th 1978 was a beautiful, sunny Sunday, according to my mum.
That same day, she traveled to the local hospital where she gave birth to her fifth child.
I am pretty happy that this happened, because that little child was me.
Forty Summers have gone by, and you are hereby invited to a party.



The festive event will take place on Saturday June 2nd, 2018
in LO-huset's cantina, Islands Brygge 32D, 2300 Kbh S.

part 1 ("family part")

14 - Guided tour at Bryggen
15 - Coffee, cake, "hygge", sing-along

part 2 (Open house)

18 - Open House w. "pot-lock style" buffet
19.30 - All Stars concert
23 - Goodnight - or have fun out on the town

You are welcome to invite a +1 to the Open House part that starts at 18.
See sign-up form at the bottom of the page.

LO-huset, Islands Brygge

food & drink

I don't wish for any presents (and I don't have any extra room in my suitcase).
Instead, please bring a dish for the pot-lock buffet that starts at 18.
Also, please bring your own drinks.
There will possibly be a small bar with a limited selection of drinks as a supplement.
If you have a friend coming, please ask them to also bring food + drinks for themselves

Thanks. :) 

Mad & drikke


For ages, it has been a dream of mine to set up an All Stars concert - and now it's happening!
My many musical friends are invited to perform 1-2 songs at the evening show that starts at 19.30.
An MC (to be announced) will be running the show, and all performers may be backed up by a house band (if they wish to).
Other types of performances besides music (e.g. magic tricks, pole dancing, stand-up) are also welcome.
The program will last approximately 2 hours and have a break in the middle.

Do YOU want to perform? Here's your chance. More info to come here on the page.



Please let me know if you (and perhaps a friend) are coming no later than May 19th. Thanks.
I'm looking forward to seeing you"

Are you bringing someone(s)?
What do plan on bringing?
I may be up for performing