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Kier is a platinum-selling singer and songwriter out of Copenhagen, Denmark. For a decade, he has awed audiences across Northern Europe and the US with his contemporary soul music.

In 2010, Kier relocated to Los Angeles.






Wanna host a "home concert"!

A home concert is an intimate, unplugged performance in a private home. It can be quite unforgettable and magical to be a part of this type of musical rendezvous that takes place in the middle of everyday life in carpeted living rooms between family photos and cozy cats. Those lucky enough to be invited enjoy yummy snacks, sip wine, meet new friends, and blush a little whenever the music hits a soft spot. And it often does when the artists are only a few feet away …
It might just be the oldest type of concert there is, and still today, acclaimed musicians choose to perform their music and tell their stories in this "old fashioned" setting and thereby share a potentially very vibrant and intimate experience with their audience.
Gabby Gordon is a Danish/American pop artist based in Los Angeles, where she performs regular live shows with her band and writes and records music. Having traveled and lived in Denmark, the Czech Republic, Switzerland, Germany, England, and the US while growing up, Gabby has a unique life experience that she pours into her songs, and soulful singing. Currently she is promoting the release of her new, self titled EP which was recorded in Nashville with the renowned producer Marshall Altman (Cheryl Cole, Natasha Bedingfield). At the home concert, Gabby will perform with her husband, percussionist Ronen Gordon.
KIER is a Danish singer, songwriter, and pianist based in Los Angeles. At a young age, he achieved great success and earned a platinum record in his home country with the a cappella boy band, Basix. In 2008, Kier released his first solo record, and he continues to awe audiences throughout Europe and the US with his soulful, electronic pop/R’n’B music.

Watch video from an outdoor home concert in July 2014 here.
Duration: 100 minutes w/ intermission.
CDs and EPs can be purchased after the show
Interested in learning more?
Send us an email, and we will provide you with more details. 

Love, Kier


Kier's Musical Telegram

So, I had this idea …

For the next 1 month (until september 19th, 2014), I would like to offer up my singing voice for free.
Now you can send a “musical telegram” to someone you care about.

How it works

If you have a friend, a family member, a colleague, a partner, or a neighbor who you feel could use a song, I will be happy to deliver it to them in person in what I call “Kier’s Musical Telegram”. Maybe they are going through a rough time and could need some cheering up, maybe it’s their birthday, maybe they are sick and in the hospital, maybe they are doing a secret proposal, or maybe they just need to be inspired. Regardless, it will be my pleasure to surprise them with some live music.

You and I will make plans together. I will leave it up to you to choose the song. On a delivery day that we decide on, I will drive to the recipient’s house, work place, or wherever they are, and perform the song a cappella for them. You are welcome to invite others to join, and you can of course be present yourself. But this is important: the Musical Telegram has got to be a gift for someone else. Think of it as a bouquet of flowers or a “Get Well Soon” card, except you don’t pay anything for it.

I live in Los Angeles, so it’s easiest for me to sing here. But if you live someplace else in the US (or even other countries) and are open to cover my travel expenses, I will be happy to try and see if I can make that happen. Share your ideas with me, and we’ll talk.

Why I do this

I am grateful for all the support i have received over the years from family, friends, and music lovers. And I love to sing. This is my small way of saying thank you.


Send an email to and let me know:
- Who you would like to receive “Kier's Musical Telegram”
- Why you want to send it
- 1-2 song suggestion(s)
- Your contact info 



New video series: Kier Favorites

Every Wednesday, I post an a cappella cover of some great song. The "Kier Favorites" video series was produced by Nathaniël Siri, and you can follow along on YouTube and Vimeo.


Kier Project returns to Germany

Photo: Andreas Dalum Sahl

Again this Fall, Kier Project will return to Germany to do workshops and electro concerts. We hope to see you in Bonn, Hamburg, or Hannover in October.


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New album available on iTunes!